The Write Stuff Workshop - Building Hand Skills in Young Children

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The Write Stuff Workshop - Building Hand Skills in Young Children

About Course

Children are no longer playing with toys that develop the musculature and foundational hand skills necessary for school success. As a result, children are struggling with simple tasks such as holding and controlling a crayon or pencil, cutting with scissors, managing clothing fasteners, appropriately holding eating utensils. Additionally, curriculum demands continue to increase, creating a widening gap between curriculum expectations and developmental readiness. The Write Stuff Workshop and Handy Learning program bridges that gap.

Through the use of the well-known Handy Learning program, participants learn specific therapeutic fine motor activities which support the classroom curriculum and develop hand skills in children in a fun, relevant and easy to implement program.

Handy Learning activities offer effective, proven strategies for all children and facilitate s n integrated therapy approach that supports IDEA and RTI. This workshop is a MUST for all school-based and pediatric therapists as well as educators of young children.

The Write Stuff Workshop provides therapists and educators with a thorough understanding of the building blocks of hand development, fine motor control and handwriting as well as strategies to foster hand skills in young children. This is NOT a handwriting course, rather it emphasizes the foundational skills required for handwriting.

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Course Content**

The "Write Stuff" Workshop provides:

  • Key components of hand development
  • Building blocks of fine motor skill
  • Assessment in 2 min or less
  • Therapeutic, fun, and relevant intervention

Handy Learning Activities

  • Proven fine motor activities to develop hand skills
  • Use fine motor activities to support the curriculum
  • Where to find appropriate educational fine motor toys
  • Set up the environment for effective therapy
  • Recognize significant delays and problem solve them
  • Develop strategies to accelerate hand development

In the Classroom

  • Become an Environmental Designer
  • Create integrated hands-on activities
  • Colaborate with the teacher and the curriculum
  • Scavenger hunt (applied learning)

Hand Development

  • Terminology
  • Hand anatomy as it relates to child hand skills
  • Stages of hand development
  • postural influences
  • Developmental sequence of prehensile patterns
  • Hand skills and technology

Who Should Attend

  • OTs, COTAs, Teachers, Administrators
  • This workshop is appeals to all pediatric therapists and teachers regardless of years of experience.

Continuing Education Credits:

7 contact hours

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Course content

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Susan Thompson OTR

Susan Thompson OTR

Occupational Therapist and Tai Chi Instructor

Course Instructor

Susan Thompson, OTR is author and creator of Handy Learning Activities for Hand development and curriculum enhancement.  Her program has been sold worldwide and utilized in schools throughout the United States and beyond.  She is a sought after instructor and speaker, training Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and teachers for promoting child development in these changing times.  If you wish to reach Susan directly, you may do so at:  Please don't hesitate to book her for a workshop at your school or institution!   Oh by the way, Susan also teaches Tai Chi and Qigong and has a youtube channel - @flowingmobility.  Her Handy Learning book can be purchased on Amazon. (This is an affiliate link).